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Wedding Card - Linen, Hammer and Smooth

When choosing the card you want to use to create your wedding invitations it can be a tricky choice. What size, colour, style of card are you going to use? Afterall, your wedding day is going to be the biggest day of your life. The invitations you send set the tone for the whole day. We thought we would help out a little and explain the most popular wedding card ranges there are on the web:


Hammer Card Wedding Invitations

Hammer card has a subtle texture throughout the card. It looks as though it has been carefully hit with a hammer to give a lovely effect. The card is best at 300gsm as it provides a sturdy card stock that will remain high quality until the wedding.


Linen Card wedding invitation

Linen card provides a more gentle traditional perception. The card is weaved together with lots of little detailed lines that provides the texture for the card.

Smooth wedding card invitations

Smooth card is the basic choice if you want your invitations without a textured look. The card is best at 270gsm.