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Please Note all prices exclude VAT which will be charged at the present rate.

Carriage Charges UK Mainland 
    Order                  Value            Carriage
    less than             £120            £15.00
    above                 £120             FREE

Carriage Charges - Islands, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Wight 
    Order                  Value            Carriage            
    less than             £220             £20.00       
    less than             £370             £10.00       
    above                  £370             £ 6.00       

All products need to be ordered in outer quantities.

     1.      Customers are required to pay on a pro-forma basis subject to individual review.
     2.      Failure to pay within our trading terms will incur a penalty charge.
     3.      Claims for damage, shortage and non-delivery must be made within 10 days of corresponding invoice date.
     4.      All goods remain the property of Southfield Stationers Ltd. until fully paid for.
     5.      Prices stated may be subject to change and always exclude VAT. For the most up-to-date prices, please see our web site or contact us for a copy of pricing details.
     6.      We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment.

In our catalogue and web site we have tried to match our colours and textures to the actual products as much as possible, however variations may occur. All images are scaled representations of our products. You can find the true dimensions in the description panel for each product.

When placing an own branded order with us you accept these terms and conditions. All prices ex VAT.

When sending in your images we accept the following formats for our printing services: .jpeg, .pdf, .psd .png. Some other formats may be acceptable but there may be differences in appearance. You can email images directly to making sure your email does not automatically adjust the size of your files. You can post them on a CD or memory stick or send them over the internet using a transfer web site such as Its free.
Our sales team are here to help you, so do contact us if you require any assistance with getting your files to us.

If your order value is less than £120.00 then there will be a £15 artwork set up charge. If its over this then the initial artwork to create your products will be FREE. We have guidelines and templates that we can send or e-mail that will help you put your own artwork into a format we can use easily. If you require us to undertake certain tasks a small charge will be made:

     Word processing or caption typing:
     We expect to receive all text in a digital, editable format (word document, text file or email). Our basic rate to type up large captions for calendars is £36 although this may vary depending upon the amount of work involved. Where a typeface/font is requested and not available, a substitute will be suggested.

     Calendar variation:
     Our standard cost is for one image per page into one of our template’s page on a calendar.
If you require more images added onto your pages then there would be an additional charge of £36.
If you require a completely different layout to what we already offer there will be an additional charge of £50.

     Colour matching:
     We always try to get the correct colours in our printing, however, we use 4 different print processes across our product ranges and some colours will always be a challenge depending upon how they were originated. Every product we supply is checked and approved in house and we will not send out products that we do not think are perfect for re-sale. If you require extensive colour matching we will need to charge you for this. We are able to make one revision to your artwork but after that we will advise you of costs involved in further changes.

Design charges may apply if artwork is very intricate or involved. This is charged at £36 per hour (ex.VAT)

At Southfield we pride ourselves in producing high quality products. We specialise in short-run production and our processes are tailored to do this in the most cost-effective way. We will always ensure that your products look top notch before they leave our factory but there may be some colour variations. Other printers can offer you a more accurate colour matching service, but you will be required to order thousands of each product.

We think the advantages of our very short runs, top quality product and small cost prices far outweigh the very small drawback of these slight variations between runs. We are confident that your customers will love your products despite any colour variations. What we believe matters most is that you get fantastic looking products in realistic quantities.

All products need to be ordered in outer quantities as detailed below each product in the catalogue. Some Own Brand products require higher initial orders:

CALENDARS (order to be over £200.00)
You may order less that the initial minimum but will be charged a supplement fee of £30 excl. VAT.

MEMENTO BOOKS     (4x outer quantity stated)
All repeat orders can be ordered in single outer quantities but carriage rules will apply.

   1)   The first business that buys a range with a town name gets to keep it, as long as they keep ordering every three months.  This will apply to any similar range: Dead Posh, Terribly Posh, Awfy Posh will all be classed as similar, however Can Take or Britains Great would not be considered similar enough.
   2)   Each range is unique and does not give the rights to a range that is quite different ( discretion will apply )
   3)   If a town name is in dispute, the shop actually located in said town will have a deciding vote, as long as no one has previously ordered. A business selling a town name they are not based in will agree to having this name on a none exclusive agreement, however they will not be refused supply as long as they continue to buy product.
   4)   Main towns or counties do not have any exclusivity except where a bespoke map bag has been specifically commissioned for a customer in that area.
   5)   Commissioned artwork (in which the customer pays an additional charge for) will always be exclusive for the customer who commissioned it.
   6)   If you require proofs to check the spelling/positioning of text, we can offer 1 eproof per town name free of charge. Requests for further proofs may incur charges.

     Order 6 outers of ONE design and qualify for a 5% discount.
     Order 12 outers where we can produce up to TWO designs and qualify for a 10% discount.
     Order 36 outers where we can produce up to THREE designs and qualify for a 15% discount.
     Order 60 outers where we can produce up to FIVE designs and qualify for a 20% discount.

     Order 5 outers where we can produce up to THREE designs and qualify for a 5% discount.
     Order 10 outers where we can produce up to FIVE designs and qualify for a 10% discount.
     Order 30 outers where we can produce up to EIGHT designs and qualify for a 15% discount.
     Order 50 outers where we can produce up to TEN designs and qualify for a 20% discount.

Items marked “BULK” are already discounted and these prices are net. If you require very large quantities please call our sales team for more information.

Garments and bags are produced with our screen printing system and for bulk quantities please call for a price.
Discount applies to qualifying products. For accurate calculation of the discounted percentage, contact one of our sales team. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time for any reason.

Note: Discounts and offers may not apply if there are any other special arrangements already set up for a customer.

We advise taking eproofs and/or hard proofs before proceeding with an order. This helps to ensure you’re happy with placement and quality. Your first 5 eproofs will be free of charge (max. 5 designs and 5 products). If you require more than 5 eproofs there will be an artwork charge of £15. Eproofs are perfect for text and layout proofing only. It is critical to be aware that digital proofs will never match 100% for colours, especially for products such as mugs and coasters, which go through a complicated process. If colour and definition of small details are important to you, please request a hard sample. If you waive this opportunity, no refund or discount will be offered if your expectations are not met.

Hard samples incur a charge per item* plus an overall artwork set up cost of £15, with the exception of calendars and greeting cards where we send the first two hard samples in the post free of charge. If a further hard proof is required there will be a charge of £15.

Please check your proofs closely; it is company policy to charge for reprints where errors have been made by the customer or when a sample has already been approved while featuring errors. Once we receive your approval, no more amendments can be made.

*item charge is the item price detailed below the product in the catalogue e.g. Classic Mug £3.09

We aim to get a sample to you within 10 working days, however this can be longer in our busy season. Samples must be approved by telephone, email or in person before we can start production. Once we have received your approval and payment is settled, production and delivery can take up to 10 working days. The quicker we receive your approval, the quicker we can get your order to you!  NOTE- As we get closer to Christmas delivery times can extend as we get very busy.

Our main business is creating products for our customers. From time to time we may use this artwork within a catalogue or on our web site to display our product ranges to customers. We assume this is agreeable with you as we are not selling the artwork or using it inappropriately. In the past this has lead to additional advertising or business for some artists. If you do not wish your artwork to be used, then you need to tell us and we will ensure we do not feature your designs in any of our advertising mediums.

We work with artists and photographers, as well as business owners who commission artwork for them. It is therefore assumed that the correct permissions are already acquired to use any of the artwork submitted to us. Southfield will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise over intellectual property.
We keep your imagery on file for ease of reordering - remember there are no set-up costs for reprints. Unless requested in writing to remove it from our system, these will remain for a limited time. Rest assured we do not sell or use your imagery for anybody else without your permission, but we may use photographs and imagery of our products with your artwork on it for publicity purposes, such as our catalogue, website, Facebook and Twitter.

When SOUTHFIELD create artwork for customers it’s for use on SOUTHFIELD products. We put in a lot of time and effort to make sure this artwork is correct and do not actually charge the full cost. When the designs are finalised and a range has been decided upon we would expect an order. At this stage if there are items the customer would like made and SOUTHFIELD can’t produce them we would issue a licence for a year to use this artwork on a product or range of products. The cost of the licence will vary depending on factors such as - size of the order placed with us and amount of work in the creation of the artwork.

Typically annual artwork licence charge is £40.00 for a year. In conjunction with an order the first years licence can be reduced as low as £0.01 because we understand that complimentary items will help ranges sell better if displayed in a shop together. SOUTHFIELD will not to issue a licence for your company to have an item made elsewhere if that item can be produced by SOUTHFIELD (unless exceptional circumstances).

When placing an order with Southfield, your name and email address will automatically be added to our mailing list ensuring that you are notified of any Southfield updates and offers.  If you wish to opt out out, please contact the office or email and your email/name will be removed from our mailing list.

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