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School Ordering

Hello and welcome to the Southfield Schools fundraising page.

This style of fundraising is suitable for playgroups, nurseries, primary schools, parent councils and all other children’s groups & clubs who would like to fundraise though art activities with their children.

How the fundraiser works

·     Each child creates their own artwork, which is printed onto high quality cards and gifts.

·     We have a price for each item that the school pays.

·     We add to the school price and the parents pay the higher price.

·     The difference in price is the profit for the school.


The details.

·     We provide a free booklet for each child detailing the gifts the parent can buy printed with their child’s artwork. 

·     Children can use crayons, pencils, pens or paint for their design, unfortunately we cannot accept artwork with glitter or items glued to the page.

·     Children then take their drawing home where their parents can add to the design if they wish and choose which gifts they would like to order. 

·     Parents return the drawing, order form and payment to the school.

·     All orders are returned to you packed separately for each child and if you have supplied us with class orders, they will be returned boxed for each class making distribution to pupils very easy.

No Upfront Costs*

·     There are no costs for you to pay as we provide the art booklets free of charge.  The booklets contain the order form and the parents pay you directly. 

·     After we have processed the orders we will return the completed gifts to you with an invoice and we appreciate prompt payment.  (Terms & Conditions apply please ask for details)

·     *Applies to local schools in the Mid & East Lothian areas, please contact us for details if you are outside our area.


How much you can expect to raise

·     The amount you will raise depends on the number of children you have. In our experience a school with 400 pupils can expect to raise in the region of £450-£500.


Items included in the fundraiser

Our most popular gifts to print the child’s design onto are:

·     Ceramic mugs, hard backed coasters, place mats, canvas shopping bags, magnetic fridge art, key rings, Christmas cards and our own unique coaster cards.

·     We can also print glass worktop savers, giclee prints, canvases, pencil/make up cases, tea towels and t-shirts

·     If you would like a bumper pack containing a few different products we can accommodate this for you.

All of the items we will print for you are the same products we supply to major tourist attractions, high street gift shops and artists, therefore you can be confident of the quality of the gifts you will receive.


How to organise a fundraising art program

·     In the first instance call us and we will work out a timetable to suit your needs.  Some schools run their fundraisers in October to enable cards and gifts to be sent abroad to relatives in time for Christmas.

When to run a fundraiser

·     The most popular times of year to run fundraisers are Christmas and the end of the school year.  We can accommodate fundraisers at any time of the year.


What to fundraise for

·     Its up to you what you fundraise for – the Christmas panto, playground toys or simply to add to your school/club funds.

Class or end of year projects

·     Add a class or club photo to our one-page calendars, tea towels, mugs, canvas bags and t-shirts.

·     Sell these at school fairs or directly to parents.

Leavers Gifts

·     Add class photos, signatures or drawings to mugs, calendars, tea towels, canvas bags and t-shirts.

·     Primary 7 branded leavers t-shirts and hoodies are especially popular and can be worn from the start of the school or given as gifts at the end of the year.


School/Club branded products

·     If you would like to order items printed with your logo or for a special event please ask us for details.  We can supply these to you using our trade terms & conditions.  Whether you then sell them or give them away its up to you.

·     Hoodies and t-shirts – can be printed for children or staff.



·     We are more than happy to provide samples for you and you are welcome to come to our premises to view our ranges.